Friday, August 7, 2009

My favourite Cloud Reading List / Resources

A sampler of general resources I have found useful:

A great site - good definitions, interesting information. Written mostly by vendors. I'm signed up to be a contributor.

I'm not a fan of the word manifesto but this is a group that believes that cloud offerings should be open and compatible with each other. Good definitions as well, and good ideas.

Very interesting articles on this site, but as you will see, the advertising and navigation is annoying. Persevere.

Specfic articles / resources:
I found this when I googled "does google app engine have an SLA". Gold.

Gartner's 7 cloud computing risks article

Another beware of risk article - this time from an Australian Government perspective.

The definitive pricing document for Google App Engine and how the quotas work.

Kundra's continued support of the idea is what makes me think it's all going to happen.

Amazon EC2 links:

Please feel free to add your own.

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