Thursday, October 1, 2009

We're in the cloud! SuperWEB available now

I'm really excited to announce that we aim to be among the first companies to host applications on the website.

To get there, we needed to get SuperWEB up into the cloud, and this week, we hosted our first application on the Amazon EC2 cloud. Yesterday, I got my first Amazon bill - $10 / day so far and we uploaded a lot of data!

Vivek Kundra, the US Federal Chief Information Officer, has launched the new Storefront to enable US Federal Government agencies to buy cloud computing services as easily as a consumer can acquire a Gmail or Facebook account.

Cloud computing services reduce costs through reductions in purchasing and maintaining servers, while simultaneously improving service scalabilty to manage peaks and troughs in usage. Kundra says that besides encouraging better collaboration among agencies, he expects cloud services to reduce energy consumption because agencies will be able to share IT infrastructures.

Space-Time Research is responding to the recent US Federal Government request for proposal for applications to be hosted via the website. The Storefront is managed by the US GSA (General Services Administration) and SuperSTAR software is already available for purchase through the GSA e-Library.

Space-Time Research cloud offerings

In September, Space-Time Research initiated a cloud offering by hosting SuperWEBSoftware as a Service (SaaS) on the Amazon EC2 cloud service. SuperWEB is currently in the process of being assessed for inclusion in the website. Once certified, SuperWEB SaaS will be available to buy as a small, medium, large or extra large implementation on a pay-by-month basis.

At the end of October, SuperVIEW will be production-ready and available via a Google App Engine hybrid cloud service.

More about is managed by the GSA development team, which is led by Casey Coleman, GSA’s CIO. In the article Kundra's great experiment: Government apps 'store front' opens for business, Coleman says:

“Through, GSA can take on more of the procurement processes upfront, helping agencies to better fulfill their missions by implementing solutions more rapidly,”

“We will also work with industry to ensure cloud-based solutions are secure and compliant to increase efficiency by reducing duplication of security processes throughout government."

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